A Few Thoughts

Okay, so what is it about seasonally themed Starbucks cups that makes us so happy? When I went to get my mid day pick-me-up a few weeks back, it wasn't just the caffeine that put an extra skip in my step, but the clever and delightful cup graphics left me feeling a little more prepared to seize my afternoon.

LOVE getting new product in that is even more gorgeous in person than it is on my computer screen. I actually think I love this more than Starbucks cup graphics... but, let's be honest, they are both undeniably good things. This graphic rug is just the little bit of punch that was needed in a bathroom.  The fresh color palate and scale of the design had me all sorts of excited.

Just a little reminder that it is still winter here in Michigan. How amazing are the heavy, wet snowfalls that stick and cling to every branch?  When I woke up a couple mornings ago I was SO excited to see snow plastered to the ground that I grabbed Hogan and ran over to Cranbrook so we could soak in a perfect Michigan snowfall. Alas, halfway around Kingswood Lake, it began to rain, the gorgeous morning snowfall began to melt and I had an incredibly muddy dog. I guess this winter is going to be  stubborn and stick to the above average temperatures.

Can someone come over to my house and rip these from my grasp? Literally. Cannot. Stop. Eating Cadbury Eggs. I have never even liked these, but in an overly indulgent Target trip I decided to get in the Easter spirit and picked these suckers up. I even opened the bag in the store and threw some back as I shopped.  It has been an evil downward spiral ever since. I intentionally walk through the kitchen to grab some on my way upstairs.  I tell myself "okay... 2 more and then you MUST go to the gym". Maybe it's time for Cadbury Anonymous.

I had the best time at the framers the other day selecting frames for these antique handcolored prints I got at an auction out of Philadelphia. They are honestly so gorgeous. The color is still vibrant and the paper has a patina to it that is only the testament of time. They are street scenes of Boston, circa 1775. A cool little piece of history. To switch up the traditional framing, I decided that this smokey blue matting would really complement the prints and be a fresh alternative to cream. The gold fillet brightens the piece and the splurge of the closed corner frames really create a timeless and sophisticated look. Cannot wait to see the final product!

Went to the Southfield Antique Show with my Mom over the weekend and while we were not tempted by items for our homes or for clients, we were in awe of all the awesome vintage jewelry. I, for one, have a a love for vintage earrings, but thought these vintage bangles were so glam and fabulous I could not take my eyes off them. I did end up leaving with a snazzy new pair of clip ons, but cannot stop thinking about these. Maybe next time!

Alright, folks! Tomorrow I am off to Palm Beach for a week spent with friends celebrating the marriage of a longtime friend of mine and Scotts. We will be hanging with some of our favorite people and families. I am going to sneak away for a little bit to check on a job I have going on down there, but know the week will not fail to bring inspiration, relaxation and good times.

Have a wonderful week!