Ain't No Party Like a Detroit Party...

This past weekend Scott and I flew to New York City to attend a party at The Bowery Hotel.  The party coined, "Show Your Love for Detroit" was an event put together by an awesomely energetic committee to raise money for the Born & Raised Detroit Foundation.  "BARD", as we like to call it, is a foundation that Scott and I were apart of founding with some of our close friends to keep Detroiters and Michiganders across the US connected to their roots by giving them opportunities to give back to the place that they call home.  Through these satellite events, we are connecting Michigan expats across the US to raise money for programs that foster social, environmental and cultural initiatives that contribute  to a better way of life in Metro Detroit.  Our generation is passionate about their roots and it is our hope that by keeping us all connected, no matter the distance, we can help contribute to nurturing relationships that will make Michigan a fabulous place to call home for generations to come.

The Bowery was an amazing venue. It feels like an old world English manor home was picked up and plopped down in Manhattan. Threadbare rugs, moody lighting, worn leather, warm velvets, dark paneling and deep saturated colors just ooze comfort.  These aspects, all mixed with the redcoat-clad chaps that greet you at the door, make you feel like you should be taking your 4 o'clock tea (or scotch!) while waiting for the gentlemen and hounds to return from a successful pheasant shoot.  The slightly Gothic vibe mixed with touches of worldly influences, like the Moroccan tile, give the air of an educated interior.  This personable atmosphere helped define the mood for the party... which was one part curious whimsy mixed in with a touch of good ol' Motown hype.

 Hotel Images via Bowery Hotel