A Designer's Perfect Round

For those of you who know me, you know that my family loves golf.  It's basically a dominate gene that has found its way into the athletic heart of every generation. Then, the golfers marry golfers and I guess you could surmise it's based predominately on the fact that we are attracted to people who share the same interests.  Basically, I have had it coming at from every angle my whole life. Maternal. Paternal. Husband & my new family that he brought along with him. I like golf, but only in the perfect dose of a sunny day, 9 holes and a glass of wine at the end of the round. My Dad used to say that he would know I was mature enough for the game once the new baby ducklings on the 6th hole would command less attention then the upcoming shot. That, or when the stop at the snack shack wasn't the highlight of the round. Don't get me wrong, I can hit it around the course and hold my own but, to me, golf will always be more fun with a stocked cart, good company and a few mulligans.

Golfers are always saying how it can be that "one" shot that keeps them going. Sometimes in the middle of a pretty disappointing round you can hit the perfectly crisp and straight shot that reignites the  flame inside you and you tell yourself, "if you just practice a little harder then they can all be like this".  And so begins the golfer's addiction. We all know practice doesn't always make perfect, but when you are given the taste of what perfection can entail, then you are bound to spend a lot of time chasing it around.

What the athletic part of my family finds on the golf course, I find in auction houses, flea markets and antique shows.   And, in the virtual world we live in, I can find myself stalking antique stores from across the country at all hours of the day. I can be bidding on auctions in Texas from my bed.  In a few clicks and I am full speed ahead on the e-commerce train.  You can be buying a chest that was created before electricity was even invented (and the internet wasn’t even a glimmer of possibility!). The opportunity! The ease! The finds! This, my friend, is the interior designer’s perfect shot.

It is the chest with the perfect patina, the antique armoire that will actually house an enormous flat screen or the coolest set of antique, hand colored maps to fill an empty wall. For every good find out there you know there are many more that with the right tools, time and persistence can be found.

I had one of these days the other day. I went down to a local auction house to scope out some of their goods for an upcoming auction, and while I did not find anything that tickled my fancy, I left feeling creatively content.   I sailed down to Detroit late afternoon on Friday, giving myself an early kick off to the weekend.  After perusing the lots for about an hour I decided to get on home. On my way back, the 5 o’clock traffic and exploded container of Nutella that I found in my purse couldn’t put a damper on my spirit.  I jammed right along to an awesome radio lineup. The Stones, Petty, Winehouse and Florence kept me bopping along 75 back up to Birmingham.  By the time I got home the weekend had started and I felt the lightness you feel in your heart when you find what you do really excites you. Afterall, it isn’t always the finds that leave you breathless,  but the possibility.