Destination: Scott Antique Market

It has been a whirlwind week.   Last week I headed down to the Scott Antique Market in Atlanta, Georgia for some treasure hunting, inspiration searching and quality time with some of my favorite people.  My travel companions, my sister-in-law, Julie and our friend, Ashley, were greated by some of the best tour guides the city of Atlanta has to offer. My husband's Aunt Susan and cousin Nicky are the duo behind the Buckhead firm, Susan Lapelle Interiors.  With such seasoned professionals at our helm, we arrived late Wednesday night in an effort to make Thursday one heck of a productive day.

This picture above is 6am.  You might notice that it is not a bevvy of activity, but when you are tagging along with a couple Scott's vetrans there's no time to ask questions. By the time we cut our first check around 6:20 we were riding our antiquing high and finding treasures at every turn. You know you are in the company of some serious shoppers when by the time it is 7:05am you feel like you have already missed some deals. 

Here we are at 11am. Right before lunch, after multiple cups of coffee and starting to feel some mid morning loopiness. Atlanta was chilly while we were down there, but this gave Nicky the perfect opportuniy to purchase a very chic fur capelet she is sporting above.  Can you tell we were also very excited about those horns? I realized around 7am that the outfit I chose to wear on this particular day  (jean shirt, cowboy boots AND pretty taperd cords) was somewhat reminiscent of something Robert Redford would have chosen to wear as he rode horse back around the American West as the Sundance Kid... but I guess for the sake of a modern day interpretation we were exploring some new territories.

After our whirl wind day we came back to unwind and play with that little munchkin pictured above.
It doesn't take long to realize that Scott's family has an obsession with golden retrievers. From the left we have Chapin, Pippa and then Chilly. Pippa is a rescue dog and the newest addition to pack. I snapped this will we were having breakfast on Thursday morning. I mean who can say "no" to those faces.  We had the this greek yogurt every morning for breakfast. It was honestly amazing. Almost like dessert for breakfast. Apparently they are going to be coming to Whole Foods soon... I'm just crossing my fingers it finds its way to our stores up north!
Day two we toured all of the great boutique antique shops around Atlanta. There were so many wonderful and unique places to visit, but we really had our hearts set on returning to Scott's.  With our shopping lists still needing to be fulfilled, we returned on Saturday before our late afternoon flight.  It was like an episode of "Supermarket Sweep". We hired Scott's cousin, John, to drive up a 16' Penske rental truck and it became our mission to fill it to the gills.

Caroline, Nicky's daughter, made the rounds with us on Saturday. As they say, it's never too young to start! 
Scott & John

Here we are back in Michigan. On the left is my husband, Scott, and on the right is our delivery driver extraordinaire, John.  John packed the truck beautifully and made it all the way up here in time to have a homecooked chicken dinner (beautifully prepared by my mother-in-law, Nancy!). It's pretty amazing to have the instant gratification of being able to have the items the NEXT day!! 

We took the truck out for deliveries on Monday and couldn't have hauled all this stuff around without the last minute solicited help from our family friend, Will, who was home for a couple days before returning to his Naval duties in San Diego. Here he is, pictured below in the cleaned out truck, getting comfortable with his Christmas present - an awesome period leather "smoking" chair.

 These couple days were such a success that I cannot wait to get back down there and do it all again. The Iphone made it very easy to communicate with clients in Michigan and allowed us to bring up some one of a kind items with quick gratification.  After such a successful first trip, I am going to look into booking January which is also the same week as the furniture market. It will be a great opportunity to scope out some new vendors and also be on the hunt for all sorts of fun things to bring back up to Michigan!!