Fall Color Collections

Up to now, this fall has been pretty ridiculously awesome. Sandy and her destructive impact on the East Coast falls more under the frightening, frantic and imposing category, but something such as a hurricane must surely remind us that we humans are sometimes... human. In a day and age when we create solutions to test our own limits in order to overcome the constraints of mother nature (the space jump and Palm Islands off the cost of Dubai jump to mind) there are occasionally those moments where it is made very clear that we are all just at the whim of what this crazy world throws our way.

I really wanted to just throw some photos up here that show some of the great new Fall 2012 fabrics that have been showing up in my mail, but I felt it a little insensitive to discuss textiles when there is obviously a serious storm occurring out East. Not to mention, as I type this the winds that have made it all the way to Michigan still seem pretty darn dangerous! It's just a sampling, but every time I get a new padded envelope through my door slot I get pretty excited at the new beauties that are going to be inside.

chartreuse & purple

caribbean blue & tangerine

leaf green & lilac

and the good ol' standard blue & white!