It's no secret that I tend to think of myself as being plagued with unfortunate technological problems. My condition is only made worse with impatience, sudden outbreaks and lack of knowledge on the topic.  I would be lying to you if I said I have never chucked a mouse across the room, only to immediately be filled with regret and slight embarrassment.  With 2 computer crashes in the last year (and, I mean crashes as in my last 8 years of photos and documents are on a series of CDs upstairs in a desk drawer), an iPod shut down, misplaced camera and a broken electric toothbrush, I had enough.

My upgrade last June to an iPhone was a break-through. I even got the then newly released white one, surprising everyone with my current "with it" status. While I was still too lazy to re download iTunes, I now had access to Pandora on my phone and could borrow Scott's iPod any time I decided to hit the gym.  Scott's iPod is primarily classic rock with a few sleepers and I have to say, it's a little difficult to drive home a good work out when "Tears in Heaven" or "It's a Wonderful World" pops on during last stretch of the routine.  Still plugging away on the last remaining trusty Dell laptop, I knew that there was impending computer doom, but in my typical technology fashion could not bring myself to address the issues until it was a must. Well, ladies and gentlemen, last Wednesday the black widow of computer viruses struck and like bunnies procreating in the springtime.  I suddenly had 25 virus windows pop up and the ultimate shutdown. This didn't help that the shutdown happened on my allotted paperwork catch up day. Isn't that always how it goes?

Exasperated, I asked the computer tech to babysit the old girl while I went to figure out my options. I called Scott and my trusty-techie friend, Jourdan and headed over the the Apple store. Let. Me. Tell. You. One look at the large screens and I was ready to give up portability and hunker down with a shiny, beautiful new desktop. And that is exactly what I did. Between chatter of Tetrabytes or Trilobytes (those of you who went fossil digging in Arkona might understand my confusion), RAM, Parallels, Bootcamp and a whole mess of stuff, I felt ready to embrace my new relationship with technology.

I still am a little in the "tweener" stage of having download everything to my external hard drive, but I cannot tell you how excited I am to have regained control over something that has driven me crazy for so long. I can see all my pictures! I will have music! I will work out more! It should be a side note that while buying the external I also took the opportunity to get some light weight running shoes.  You know, just taking care of another inconvenience as my last sneakers were bought purely for looks and not for function.  It's hard to go on a brisk run when you feel like you have cement in your soles. I am really putting myself back in the driver's seat of my life!

So, as life has it, I would like to thank the horrible spyware virus that infected my computer as I now can turn a new leaf as a proud Mac owner, photo documentarian and music mixer. I can now embrace my relationship with technology.  Wait, make that technology and working out.  I want you all to know, if you see me in a couple months and I am looking a little more fit it is most definitely due to the spyware virus. I also want you to know if you see my in a couple months and I am looking pretty much the same, this might not have to do with the spyware virus, but most likely due to the fact that it is going to be nice outside and I am not going to feel like going to the gym.