I've Been Hangin' Around This Town

This past weekend was a really wonderful time spent with family and  friends for the holidays. Always such a whirlwind, it was always nice to reconnect with some of the special people in life. While everyone is extremely busy in their own right, it is always nice to be reminded that the best relationships are resilient to the miles of seperation.  With the busy spring months I thought I would take a moment to share the last week in photos.










Pictures don't really do these beauties justice. I picked these up down in Atlanta last fall and finally got them back from being rewired.  They are Spanish and from around the 1920s. I looked for a long time for a mercury style glass to use for the glass center, but when all my searches turned up with a opaque backing , (not allowing the much needed light to shine through) I decided to use this frosted/sandblasted glass instead and it works just great. I have to say, the most important aspect of any light fixture is a dimmer switch.  The mood flexibility that the dimmer switch gives you is really crucial. For instance, when you have an  evening out and return  home to a house with "dimmed" lights instead of a total black out, it is much more welcoming.

This chandelier also just came back from being rewired. It is an Italian wood beaded chandelier from around the 1960s. One of my favorite parts of this piece are the wood tassels.  I think they are a quaint detail that adds a lot of character to this piece. Obviously, this light is also on a dimmer.

Okay, not to be overwhelming with the lights, I swear this is the last one.  The scale of the base is really nice and hearty without being "overscaled".  The patina takes a more traditional shape and makes it casual. I like adding more formal silk box pleat shades as I think they are classic. On this lamp I especially think the shade  keeps it from feeling any sort of (gasp!) "country".

I had an installation of the PORT "Toland" Cocktail last week. I loved this one as it has a nice, chunky 3/4" thick glass top sitting flush to the edge of the frame. This table is 48" x 60", which is pretty large in scale, but because of the clean glass top I think it keeps it from looking massive.  There will be a lot of room for the owner to stack gorgeous coffee table books, candles and other special items!

What to you might look like a pile of rubbish or future fire kindling, looks to me to be a majorly awesome project.  Currently, and I completely agree, this bed looks a little tired. I am envisioning a grey finish with gold accents to make it deliciously current.  I always love  total make over, so I will be sure to keep you posted!

When purchasing the bed, I got a little distracted by these beautiful plates. Pinks, greens, golds and greek key!? Come to mama. I purchased 8 of these for a song. When Scott and I registered for china I selected a couple different patterns, but made sure to do a solid (but beautiful!) white dinner plate so I would always have a neutral backdrop for what I knew would be some amazing china finds in the future.

And, last but not least! A built in that is finally finished and now begging to be accessorized. Let the fun begin!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!