Lauterbrunnen, Murren & Gimmelwald

While the cities we had visited had all been smaller, seemingly manageable and very clean, our stop in the Swiss Alps reminded all of us how stunning and spectacular the world can be. While I always tend to lean towards architecturally and design inspiration, there is no doubt that a couple days taking in fresh mountain air, a more laid back life style and a couple of winding, hilly hikes, can be good for the soul. DSC_1412

Scott had previously visited these small towns, back in 2005 when he was here on a study abroad program, and while I was in the midst of planning he requested we make a stop. I chose for us to stay in Murren as it sits at 1,700 meters above sea level and is only accessible by cable car. I thought this would be remote enough to fill his apparently increasing need for the outdoors, a alter-ego we jokingly coined "Extreme Scott". That it did. Scott's extremeness in the Alps was like my extremeness on my first trip to Paris, back when I was 15. It's a type of excitement that you can't believe this exists in the world and you are just finding out about it. I mean the guy even walked backwards on one of our hikes as to not interrupt the best angle for the mountain views. When he wasn't walking backwards, he was jogging ahead. When we weren't sleeping with the windows open to truly experience that fresh mountain air (keep in mind it was a brisk 30 degrees during the night) he was pausing and soaking it all in. He climbed into waterfalls (to test the temp) and would wander off on his own, getting distracted by the powerful scale of our surroundings. It's fun to travel with someone who has so much energy about a destination that excitement is basically coming out of their pores. Now, I just need to work on channeling that excitement in museums and larger cities!DSC_1427
















After spending a couple glorious days reminding ourselves how beautiful the world can be, we hopped on a train and headed to Bern for our last stop before returning to Stuttgart for an early morning flight. Final Stop: Bern!