Little Things

Sometimes it can be the most trivial items that spark the slightest pleasure. Unintentionally, my slight little window sill became the landing pad for  trinkets that I have picked up alongside life's moments. I recently, realized that each one of these items is a small celebration of a memory. 

The succlant came from Eastern Market and the minature glove mold I picked up at Fishs Eddy while on a NYC girls weekend with some of my best friends. The "248" tin numbers are the local area code, but I purchased them at an awesome home boutique we stumbled upon on Magazine Street in New Orleans. The mint julep cup, is not quite a memory, but "borrowed" from my Mom's china cabinet. The whale bottle opener and irregular sand rock are from our honeymoon in Bermuda (that pink sand was awesome!) The wishbone is from the first Thanksgiving we had in our house. I have often wondered if this one is a little creepy, but I think in time it has grown on me.  The metal hand was a prototype for idea I had for coat hook, and at this moment this is exactly where this endeavor stands: as an idea. The hand is filled with corks from various occasions: Dinners with friends, Scott's 10 year reunion (where we hosted a couple really fun parties), the champagne popped at the Bowery, the Coppola we served at our wedding & a Rombauer that simply states "The Joy of Wine".  The starfish I got in Nantucket while on a trip out East visiting one of my best friends. The smooth grey stone came from the beach in Nice, France (who knew their beaches were so rocky!?), the small shell on top Scott and I picked up while walking the beach in Florida. The heart is pretty insignificant as it came in my February Birchbox. Herbs of Provence and a horn salt cellar finish up the lineup and are located close to the stove... as I am not a fabulous cook some herbs and a little salt can make any dish somewhat tolerable!

To me, it is fun when you look around and realize that the seemingly insignificant “things” you accumulate through life can be intertwined and help contribute to your story. Happy Saturday!