Mems Day!

First of all, I would like to wish everyone a wonderful, long, holiday weekend. If you are wondering why there are pictures of flowers on this blog, it is because what to you might appear to be only be a flower, to me appears to be the first thing that I have not managed to kill in my garden. The first win was that the peonies came back, the second win was that there were actual, live buds and the third win was that the buds bloomed into the most beautiful flower.  With my "garden" suffering from cases of extreme wilt, rotten leaves and exposed dry (aka dead) spots this is a major victory.


I know we are in for a gorgeous holiday weekend. Scott and I kicked if off last night by soaking in a summer's evening sitting on the 18th green at Oakland Hills and watching the twilight golfers finish their rounds. It could have been one of the many definitions of "Pure Michigan".


I have to tell you a quick story. The other day while I was dropping some stuff off at the granite fabricator I spotted a man riding a bright, fire engine red cruiser down the street. This bike looked brand-spankin' new and the guy on it, well, not so new. For some reason it made me feel all sentimental. Here was this elderly man, enjoying a gorgeous days crusin' on his cruiser (!) down a fairly busy street with all sorts of big, loud vehicles whizzing by. Then I started thinking how this man was riding what was actually a reproduction of a vintage bike- where the original would probably  be the same vintage as the man. Was he attracted to this style bike because it sentimentally reminded him of when he was younger?  Did he buy this bike just because it had the most comfortable seat?

My cruiser. This is the 2010 vintage. That came in a box from Costco. Scott assembled it, with the rims on backwards, but it does get the job done.

I will never forget a story Scott mentioned to me once about how at the Woodward Dream Cruise (for you people not from Detroit, this is a weekend long classic car show) his grandma got teary eyed when a pack of 1930's packards were making their way down Woodward Avenue. It reminded her of her youth and for that one millisecond, while she was focusing on those cars, it was as if she was transported back to her childhood. She could remember her dad pulling up to their farm outside Ann Arbor in a shiny new vehicle. She could remember how cool it was when her and her friends were able to breeze around town behind the wheel of a flashy, shiny car. Back then, these vehicles were revolutionary and exciting. Maybe you have to be from the Motor City to be able to recognize the passion this city has for cars.  I am not a car buff, but I do know for Scott's grandma, in that moment those packards were more than just a car. They provided a trip down memory lane. They wiped away 75 years of change, memories and technological progress. I tend to over think things, but I am left wondering if that little old man bought that bike because it reminded him of good, and possibly, better days. I wonder if for him that bike was a way to bring his past to his future.  I guess I'll never know, and I don't need to, but it is something that I enjoy thinking about.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!