Today I am off to the New York Gift Show. I booked this fairly last minute after I regretted not go down to Atlanta for their January show. Last year at the Atlanta Market I found all sorts of awesome new vendors, and got a much needed dose of inspiration during these winter months. Not to mention, I think it is an imperative part of our business to keep up on the cool new product- it's what give our projects a current perspective. IMG_2504

And, when you are getting pictures like this from your mother-in-law, how could one not help but feel left out of all the fun that goes on at Market? (Sorry, Nicky).


Things always get a little tricky before leaving, even if only for a couple days. Yesterday I tried to place calls from my calculator (I mean, it is on my iPhone) and tried to lock my house with my car key fab. Needless to say, I was a little frazzled. But, as I get ready to hit the road I am excited to see all the wares and trends that are going to carry us through 2013. Stay tuned for a visual recap!