Spring Cleaning

I know we are all are familiar with the age old phrase "spring cleaning". Whether you are one to abide by this seasonal purging ritual, or one to forgo the customary, cathartic cleanse, there is something we can all appreciate about the "out with the old and in with the new" mantra. You know what comes hand in hand with spring cleaning? Garage sales! Filled flea markets! This past week we kicked things off into high gear. While seasonal marketing can take place year round on sites such as ebay at etsy, there is nothing that can surpass the thrill of the hunt. The real deal, in person shifting, grazing, picking and choosing is where it is at.  Here are some pictures of the last couple days and as things are looking, it seems that we will be having favorable luck all summer long.

I am envisioning these hung up in a mud room and a cottage or lake out. Perfect storage for tennis rackets, beach towels, fishing poles and possibly the occasional nerf gun. That huge disk/ bowl in the back would be a to die for fire pit. Big, hunkin' piece of metal? Bring on the s'mores.

Delicious monogram inspiration. The worn leather cover and corner silver detailing aren't bad either.

Oh heyy........ There is enough going on in this snap shot to keep oneself drooling for a long time.

Sometimes it is just amazing to see the things that people decide to collect.  This might truly be a collection to be described by the ol' saying "one man's junk is another man's treasure".

This is a gorgeous French knot table cloth is simple, but still elegant. It has such a beautiful overall design I am thinking I might turn it into a duvet cover or coverlet to have someone enjoy the pattern and design everyday!

DYING over this wallpaper.  It's looking like this might be the perfect accent for a powder room. I always love black and white and these dogs add just the right dose of humor.

Speaking of dogs.... this picture keeps cracking me up. Poor Hogan, he sometimes must wonder why human's find the silliest things so entertaining.

You see this picture and you might not be able to get the tune "99 bottles of beer on the wall...."out of your head. Like I said, garage sales always provide entertaining and surprising  twists and turns. You really get an intimate look into people's lives! I think some of these beer cans were about 50 years old. I have a feeling authentic items like this might be a set designers dream, all I see is that the idea of a "man cave" is surely not a recent concept.

Lastly, I will tell you that I am in the midst of working on my own spring cleaning. This didn't consist of purging as much as I like (although later today I will be tackling the wardrobe switch over), but more of the organization aspect. I ventured out to IKEA to get some bookcases to organize fabric samples, furniture catalogues and everything that comes from working out of your house. Obviously, the only way to approach such a retail monster is to start in the IKEA cafe with a coffee and one of their world renowned cinnamon buns. Hype up on caffeine and sugar glaze and you will feel that pep in your step needed to navigate the high seas of big-box shop shopping (that and the self inflated confidence that you can in fact assemble anything). 

I was very excited when I made it back from my retail adventure and Scott not only volunteered to unload my car, but he also was pumped to confront the task of assembling the shelves and storage units. It is well known amongst our family and friends that while Scott excels in other areas, being handy is not really at the top of the list... or anywhere near the list for that matter. That being said, coming down to the basement and seeing Scott in full assembly mode with his hockey gloves doubling as his "work" gloves was met both with both hilarity and verification that proficient in-house handy work might not be in my immediate reality.


Happy Sunday!