There's a Baby in the House


As many people might presume, one of the first things I did when I found out we were expecting was begin to brainstorm the nursery. So many people said to me, "I cannot believe you aren't finding out! Don't you want to know for your nursery!?". Nah. To me, it was way more fun to design something gender neutral than dive face first into the specifics on pink and blue. Personally, I like the story you can create by designing a room that lends itself towards neutrality. This allows for the child to dictate their style without the preconceived pressure of what it means to be a boy or girl. I set out to create a whimsical haven for the imagination to soar.


I began the project by lacquering my old changing table (which had passed through a few of my cousins) and adding shiny new brass cup pulls with fox knobs from Anthropologie. The additional dresser in the room was in Scott's dad's room when he was growing up.  If you know me, you know I love things with a solid family provenance. The custom swivel glider and ottoman are upholstered in a soft beige woven with a cream cotton accent for the welting and button/tufting detail. The animal prints are from Berkley Illustration and there were so many adorable options it was hard to narrow the choices down to just 6!




The custom draperies were another opportunity to layer in an element of the unexpected. The tone on tone embroidered polka dot is relatively restrained, but the bright orange velvet and pom-pom trim punches up the look without detracting from all the other components in the room.The natural woven shades add texture but are also black out lined for nap time.



Scott's "Curious George" playfully rests upon a giraffe rocker I received at one of my showers. Scott was a pretty naughty little boy, and I just love the fact that his favorite story book character growing up was the one and only, Curious George. The bookshelves are packed with some of my all time favorites as well as new classics. From Madeline and Corduroy to Anne of Green Gables, Peter Pan and all Ronald Dahl's extraordinary tales, we will be able to keep ourselves pretty busy.


I loved reading with my mom every night and it is a tradition I hope to carry forward with Corinne as she grows up. I saw this adorable sheep book shelf ages ago, when Corinne was a faint off glimmer in the imagination, and tucked it away for when the time would be relevant. I have this very fond memory of sitting in the lounge at the Goring Hotel in London when I was younger. Amongst the velvet upholstery, austere portraits and dark, carved furniture were these seemingly light hearted sheep foot rests. They were wool with wood faces and legs,  and while there was a roaring fire built in a large marble fireplace, I remember thinking they added a needed element of warmth to the traditional decor. I hope this sheep adds just the ounce of unexpected that impressed me so many years ago and the practicality of holding some of today's and future favorites.




I bought the hot air balloons online to originally use as her mobile, but ended up liking them as a visual element in the opposite corner of the room.



I ended up finding the adorable hand knit golden mobile… with Hogan in the house how could I pass it up!? With a love of the handmade, and the current stress to not use "bumpers" I felt this Oeuf knit garland would be a perfect accent to cozy up the crib.


The insect poster on the closet door is also from Oeuf and the bunny hook from Anthropologie. As this room was really an opportunity to have some fun, I didn't let any surface remain un touched. Prints hang on both the closet and bedroom door and the striped ceiling is an exceptionally fun element as it follows the curved ceiling of our Cape Cod style roof line.


The gallery of prints were finds from Etsy & Rifle Paper Co. The embroidered "Baby" fabric is an antique piece from my grandma that hung in my nursery.

Without the aesthetic pressure to be gender specific, art and accents came from around the globe to create a youthfully curated vibe.  Great care was taken into creating a curiously amusing room for Ms. Corinne to grow up and experience the creativity and exploration of childhood. Let's hope she enjoys it!


Big thanks to Kristin Greenwald Photography for taking these pictures!!