Wonderful World

Often times after a weekend filled with family and friends I am reminded, once again, how lucky I am to have such wonderfully supportive and fun people in my life.  This past weekend was no exception to the rule.  A bunch of us Northerners gathered down in Palm Beach to celebrate the nuptials of  a fantastic couple. The beauty of a destination wedding is that it takes everyone out of their natural element and puts them all on vacation together.  I am not sure if my shift into vacation mode came when I was driving along the ocean in our rented minivan, listening to the smooth listening channel (ya know, the hits of yesterday and today type of station) with the sun beaming on my arms, or eating french fries in a bikini. Both of these things I do not have the pleasure of doing too often.  It's nice to break the routine.

We kicked the festivities off on Friday at a luncheon celebrating the bride.  It was delicious and gorgeous, but I think the show stopper might have been the personalized cookies you see above.  The fantastic drawing on the cookie was the image on the save the date and is the talented work of our friend, Paige. I mean come on. I know I am not a pastry chef, but a drawing? On a Cookie? Whoa. As with most weddings, the activities followed the activities and everyone chatted the afternoon and evening away.


















So much of design is focused on atmosphere. Some might argue that atmosphere and ambiance are everything. No matter the grandeur or scale of an interior, there are always measures that can be taken to make a space feel individual, intimate and inviting. Ah ha! Maybe those are the three I's of Interior Design?! Anyway, the environment on Saturday night was an outstanding example of how our surroundings play such a crucial role in defining the tone and mood of an event. The Spanish style architecture, brought to life in Palm Beach by Mizner, has become the quintessential "Palm Beach" look. In recent times, when an indigenous style of architecture is recreated and brought to life it can typically be of the mass scale that would make it's predecessors roll over in their graves.  So much of what we see today has taken classic origins, put them on designer induced steroids, and in turn lost touch with necessary foundations. Basically, it's an extremely delicate line to venture into the land of the overly contrived.


























On Saturday it was as if we were transplanted into the era of the 1930s. Towering palms dazzled in sparkly lights, large lanterns  shed a glow on dapper guests cocktailing.  Arched porticos, colorful Spanish tiles and the terracotta roof line all lent themselves to creating a perfectly elegant, yet effortlessly authentic backdrop.  The dramatic garden lighting and theatrical display of bright purple orchids created a striking and almost whimsical addition to the wedding's setting. The roof retracted for the guests to dance under the stars and the evening ended with a glittery sparkler departure  (the quasi send-off as the bride and groom reemerged for the after party that ensued on the croquet lawn).   While every wedding is a celebration of love, family and friends, this particular event took place on the set of an architectural gem.   The next morning, as we all gave our shining reviews, it was very apparent that the bride and groom were the stars of the show, but that the venue played a very significant supporting role.